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Learn how to choose your colors

Learn how to start a painting plein air

Learn how to paint a small still life

Learn how to use value to draw and not lines.

How to paint a multiple sessions still life part1.

How to paint a multiple sessions still life part2.


How much cost a video? A video costs 10 euros.

How do I order videos? Go to Register and write the names of the videos you would like (do not forget your email). I will contact you back with the link of the videos.

What is the full tuition? Full tuition is 1 month of instrution. It includes 2 videos a week tailored for your needs plus weekly critics (by video conference) and exercices.

How much does full tutoring cost? Full tutoring cost 150 euros a month.

Can full tutoring last longer than a month? Yes, the program can last 6 months for best results.

I do not know if I have enough time for full tutoring? We can make it fit your schedule.

How long is a video? A video in around 30min long.

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