Workshop in French Alps

8-17 April 2025

Workshop in Burgundy

3-12 September 2024

Art Retreat in Melisey

22-29 April 2025

The workshops are taught by Antonin Passemard and Anastasia Dukhanina.

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The goal of our workshop is to develop your own style and your own language. We will work together to see how you can improve your ideas and impressions in your paintings. We will focus on drawing, value and composition, this key elements will help you to make stronger paintings in your own style.

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"The workshop was truly wonderful. They worked very hard to satisfy everyone from the beginning to the experience artist. The demonstrations were great! I particularly enjoyed watching them paint side by side, each interpreting the same scene, with their own personality, mixing the colors on the canvas. It was very inspiring. I think everyone in the workshop came out with a better grasp on how to paint from life, everyone challenged and excited to take what they experienced back to their own work. I highly recommend them!"

Pamela Folsom

"Heaven on earth! Antonin and Anastasia's workshop in France is one of the highlights of my life! Excellent presenters, a group of enthusiastic artists, an unforgettable setting, great cheese and wine- what's not to love? Antonin and Anastasia demonstrated in rural and urban locations. We mixed a little tourism in with helpful guidance to better painting. Plus, each evening the group pitched in for fun meals, fire pit chats, and more cheese and wine. Enjoy!"

Nadene Kranz

"Simply the Best… Small village base with painting potential in every direction and daily excursions to unique wonderful painting spots. You are set up for success with the painting spots, then Antonin and Anastasia will help you stay on track with your idea. You will learn on your level as you are guided to advance. On my last trip, I learned more about assessing color, and comparing everything. The food….Anastasia and Antonin have great taste….group meals are a cultural delight and have a family feeling. The places…locations are a short train ride from major airports, away from major tourist sites. If you are looking for a cultural immersion with some wonderful people, advancing painting skills and eating well…this is your trip. Antonin and Anastasia set you up for success."

Pamela Ledin

“After seeing Antonin Passemard paint en plein air for ‘Plein Air Live’ in a beautiful village in Burgundy, I set a goal to attend his workshop. My dream came true in September 2022, and the reality far exceeded the dream. Both Antonin and his wife Anastasia Dukhanina are professional artists who taught, led and hosted their 8-day workshop. They complemented each other well, and provided me with kind, constructive and encouraging critiques. As a painter who is also an avid traveler, I loved the historic picturesque villages and the opportunities to explore the beautiful vistas in and around their village of Ravières. I also appreciated their contingency plans for inclement weather. My recommendation ~ lighten your plein air load, use the wonderful local paints they recommend, and follow my motto: “just go!”

Cindy Bridgman

"Met Antonin and Anastasia in 2015 and was very impressed with their skill and their sweet personalities. Finally was able to travel to France in 2017 for the 10 day workshop. It was so much more than I ever could have imagined. I found their teaching style so personal to each student. They never imposed their opinion but always suggested ways to improve on your painting. Each of them comes to your work with different perspectives and each is so effective. Learned so much each of my visits, the whole experience is beyond expectation. The care they take to make sure of your comfort, to house you, to feed you, to make you comfortable for the time while painting, but also before and after. They know their surroundings in Burgundy, but also in other locations where they lead workshops. They are very easy to be around, and are the most kind and sweet couple you could ever imagine."

Louise Bahar